Step 9 - Lighting

Choose the perfect ambiance for your bathroom from the Acorn lighting series.

FL01 set.jpg

Pelmet Light - Round
3 Lights inc Power Converter



Luxury LED Light


FL02 set.jpg

Pelmet Light - Square
3 Lights inc Power Converter


FL05 set.jpg

Deluxe LED Light


FL03 set.jpg

Panel & Plinth Light
4 Lights inc Power Converter


All lighting packs include 240v - 12v transformer.

Electrical Zones

All installations must comply to guidelines which are based on a zonal concept. The diagram shows this concept and highlights the 3 zones used.

Zone 1 - Refers to the area above the bath or shower up to a height of 2.25 metres and requires a minimum rating of IPx4 (splash-proof) plus RCD protection.


Zone 2 - Covers an area 0.6 metres wide immediately next to, and all around zone 1. Wash basins should also be treated as zone 2. The minimum rating here is IPx4.


Zone 3 - Has no special requirements, unless water jets are likely to be used for cleaning purposes.

elec zones.jpg