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At Acorn our goal is to provide quality bathroom furniture time and time again. We are at the forefront of bathroom design and manufacturing, incorporating the latest technology and implementing it perfectly within our ranges of furniture and accessories. your bathroom should be a place of stylish tranquillity and acorn can provide that space for you.


High-end bathroom furniture takes A home to the next level of style and comfort. For 30 years, Acorn have supplied high prestige bathroom furniture using the latest technology combined with contemporary styles. The combination of modern forms and quality functioning gives customers a huge range of bathroom furniture combinations.


A family owned business working closely with customers ensures a seamless production and supply process. Designed and manufactured in the UK to exacting standards, Acorns large range of styles and thorough manufacturing processes enable the products to speak for themselves.


Vigorous testing of every component means the furniture can survive the harshest bathroom environment. We believe in our products so we offer a 5 year guarantee on all furniture.

Acorn are proud to be an ethical manufacturer whose principals are founded on the reduction of our carbon footprint throughout the supply chain and a responsible approach to both quality and the satisfaction of our clients.

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